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Caribbean Genres

When thinking of the music of the Caribbean, what comes to mind? For a lot of us this may Salsa or Merengue….but trust us, there

D Major Extended & 7th Chords

Most beginners tend to start off with the first positions of any given chord as they are the ones which tend to be the easiest.

Chords Used in Joropo

It is of an understanding that we can use any chord in any key to play the Joropo.  Nevertheless, in this lesson we will teach you

F Major in Detail

F or Fa Major F Major (also known as Fa) is a great note to play serving as practice for understanding halftones and also making

Vals Criollo vs. Vals Pasaje

I Can’t Believe We Are Studying Waltz! Yes it is called Waltz in English and it is similar, but for a moment let us clear

Applying the D Major Key

Why do we learn how to play instruments? Ultimately to play songs! Within each section as we explore different keys, we will provide you with