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Cuatro Secrets

In conclusion to the seminar by Cheo Hurtado, he speaks of unity, selection and compositions. These are important elements when we are considering the future

Tips From The Master

In this series of topics, Cheo Hurtado explains some great tips which can be used by Cuatristas on all levels. He will take you everywhere

Cheo Exercises

As always, exercises are important. During this section of Cheo Hurtado’s seminar at the Siembra del Cuatro 2014, he provides some further insight as to

Feedback From the Master

Not many of us are as fortunate as to receive feedback from the grand Master Cheo Hurtado. There are some, and here we will share

Cuatro Tips For Beginners

No Housekeeping……Only Tips! So before starting to wonder how the pros make their instruments sound as good as they do and without having to do

Strumming Review

Let’s conclude the course! Welcome to the final part of this course! It is good to know you came this long and that you’re ready to

Advanced Periquera

You may have already had the liberty to review the Periquera sub-genre in another lesson whereby we explain the relationship between Periquera and Joropo as


The rhythm of Orquidea is historically used for playing accompaniment songs on the Cuatro with a 4 x 4 base. It is a rhythm which

Onda Nueva

The genre of Onda Nueva first appeared in the 60’s, and the intention of the creation of this genre was to combine elements of Jazz


The Gavilan is a rhythm or subgenre of Joropo which is very popular due it’s affiliation with the song “El Gavilan” written by Ignacion Figueredo. It