Topic Tag: Bandola Llanera

Topics for learning to play the Bandola Llanera and musical techniques related to the instrument.

D minor scale on Bandola LLanera

You can perform the D minor scale by placing your fingers in the exact position shown in this figure. Do you want to keep track of your

Seis Corrido Part 2

Within this lesson topic, we will continue to review exercises used for your Seis Corrio practice. Be certain to master the first exercises prior to

Segundeo Exercises with Scales Part 2

Moving Forward With Segundeo Exercises Using Scales Here we will proceed with a continuation of the segundeo exercises. Do ensure that you have dominated the

Seis Corrido Part 1

“Seis Corrido” is a golpe played in tres and its chord cycle D – G – A7 – A7 is very common to the Caribbean

Learn to play Pasaje No.2

“Pasaje No.2” is the minor key version of “Pasaje No.1”. Thus it is played in D minor. The genre joropo is rich in improvisational character

Learn how to play Pasaje No.1

“Pasaje No.1” is a pasaje with a typical pastrol taste that I composed as exercise piece. It is played in the key of D major