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Topics for learning to play the Bandola Llanera and musical techniques related to the instrument.

Roles of Each Finger

Numbers of the fingers figured on tablatures Numbered Fingers Principle about the roles of each finger 1) Before and after the index finger plays the

How to Support the Neck

Though the instrument is held already at the right thigh, the breast and the forearm, it’s stability depends on the support provided by the left

Picking Exercises

If moving to the lower adjacent string, sweep picking must be applied. If moving to the upper string following an upward picking, the hand must

Both Compact and Dynamic!

What should be kept in mind in picking practice can be summarized into “both compact and dynamic!”. Concretely speaking, the forearm between wrist and elbow

Upward Picking

The sign for downward picking is V but it is only shown when the indication is needed. Usually you seldom start with a upward picking. Thus

Sweep Picking

If the next note is on the string where the pick is resting after a rest stroke, the pick moves downward without being raised. Transfers

Downward Picking

The sign for downward picking is П but it is only shown or indicated when needed. In downward picking, the following points must be executed

The Pick and How to Hold it

As for picks, common triquetrous ones for guitars in popular music can be used for Bandolas. The middle sizes are favorable for playing the instrument.


The instrument is held at the three points A, B and C. The posture used for holding the Bandola is relatively free, but the following three