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Topics for learning to play the Bandola Llanera and musical techniques related to the instrument.

Segundeo Exercises

The segundeo exercises being demonstrated in this lesson topic will be relating to the technique itself. Here we will be able to apply what we

Segundeos with the Middle Finger

As is the case for Anselmo López, there are players doing segundeos with the middle finger. This requires a lot of training but gives the

Segundeos with the Pick

When the melody is played on the first string, in any school, since there is no more string below, the segundeo is done on the

Segundeos with the Index Finger

After the pick rests on the adjacent string by apoyando, the index finger holding the pick plucks in a pulling way the string where the

Three Schools of Segundeos

It is considered that there are three different styles concerning the segundeo. These are the style of Anselmo López where the middle finger is mainly

Comparison with Other Bandolas

Thanks to this segundeo technique, the Bandola Llanera, poor in sustain because of having nylon strings, now can maintain a rich volume and intensity. The

The Innovation by Anselmo López

This technique called “segundeo” o “jalao” was invented by a Bandola player from Barinas, Anselmo López (1934-) who also goes by the name of “el