List of Easy songs to play on ukulele

If you’re new to the Ukulele and are looking for some easy songs to get started with, we have compiled a list of great options for beginners. These songs are perfect for those just starting, as they use a limited number of basic chords that are easy to learn and play. Each song includes the chords you will need to play, along with the lyrics, so you can easily see and follow along. For example, if a piece has the following chords (C, G7, Am), you will see them appearing like this:

C G7 Am

(Open this Ukulele chord chart to print or have handy all Uke chords)

Our list of songs to play on ukulele comes with chords diagrams that’ll guide you through each chord you need to play in each part of the song. With this step-by-step approach, you’ll be strumming along with your Ukulele even if you are starting with the instrument.

We’ve got videos for each song too, meaning that you can see and hear exactly how the music should sound. You can follow along and get the timing and rhythm just right. Trust us, once you have practiced and memorized the chords, playing along with a video is a game-changer! It makes learning so much easier and way more fun.

So, how do you get started? It’s simple. Select one of the songs from our list, and you’ll see its lyrics and chords. Then, follow the chord progression and strum the chords using a down-up strumming pattern. Let the good times roll!

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Would you like to play a song?

TuCuatro has a lovely collection of lyrics and chords for the most famous songs there are. Give it a try and click on one of them below:

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