La Bandola: An Introduction

An introductory Bandola Llanera course by Bandola master Yasuji D'Gucci. A completely free course dedicated to the introduction of the Bandola.

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Welcome to this first Bandola Course! Master Yasuji D’Gucci, from Japan, has put together an excellent course, full of interesting information about this exotic instrument. Yasuji has been a pioneer of the Bandola for the past decade, not only teaching all of its secrets but also fabricating this fantastic musical instrument from his workshop in Japan.

Enjoy the course and be sure to follow up with a second, more comprehensive, Bandola Llanera course called: “Basic Course for Bandola Llanera”.

Here are Yasuji’s words, and we hope you enjoy the course!

Hearty greetings from Japan – Yasuji D’Gucci

Hello, everyone! My name is Yasuji D’Gucci. I am a Japanese Bandola player. Now I feel so pleased to be able to inaugurate the world’s first systematic online class for the Bandolas played in Venezuela and Colombia. I sincerely hope this course designed through my objective standpoints based on my learning and teaching experience as a foreigner to help you with your Bandola studies.