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Course: La Bandola: An Introduction

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The Bandola study is fundamentally based on the rhythm of joropo, which is often quite fast. In order to acquire a stable technique maintaining any velocity, it is highly recommendable to make the most of metronomes. In the joropos, whether “tres” (joropos in 3/4) or “seis” (joropos in 6/8), the bass is played based on 3/4. Therefore it is proper to play the metronome in 3/4.

The “Joropo Metronome”

Besides in playing exercise pieces it is very effective to use the Joropo Metronome that I designed. Changing unities of the notes it is useful for both tres and seis. As seen below, tres and seis are indicated as A and B. On the upper side comes the rhythm of the cuatro or the maracas, while on the lower the bass or dance steps.

The pattern associated with it consists of sounds of maracas and a drum of low tones instead of the bass and the notes are lined up with certain intervals and rules. In dividing this sequence, if A is applied, it is tres and if B, it is seis. Thus depending on where to start, it can serve both rhythms.

The Joropo Metronome plays for 7 minutes 39 seconds with 200 BPM but what should be recommended is to import the audio file into an application showing waveforms and select one bar according to division of A or B to reproduce the metronome infinitely in loop mode. At the same time the speed can be adjusted at disposal. Below you see an example where the metronome is imported into “Transcribe!”, a software specially designed for musical transcription.

Joropo Metronome 200BPM

Listen to the pattern and try to use the image below to undestando how it is visualized when using a software like Transcribe.


Try Out the Software Transcribe

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