Tablatures for the Bandola

As this course will frequently refer to and depend on tablatures, I explain how to read them. The duration of each note is known by its stem and flag just as in staff notation. The four horizontal lines indicate from above the 1st string to 4th and the numerals connected with the stems are fret numbers. For your reference, I will show the tablature’s content in the staff below.

Example of Tablature for the Bandola

Tablature Bandola
Tablature Bandola

①zero fret (open string) on the 4th string, a quarter note
④quarter rest
⑤downward picking
⑥upward picking
⑦numbers of the left hand fingers:1/index finger 2/middle finger 3/ring finger 4/pinky
⑧no fret number on the latter note jointed with a tie
⑨segundeo by using the pick, usually appears only on the 1st string in my style, played in the same pitch as the preceding note
⑩segundeo by using the index finger, usually played in the open string in my style

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