Different Types of Bandolas

Course: La Bandola: An Introduction

Yasuji D'Gucci

Yasuji D'Gucci

This course is dedicated to the Bandola Llanera played in Venezuela and Colombia, the Bandola Oriental, the Bandola Central and the Bandola Guayanesa played in Venezuela. These four bandolas are played in different regions and closely related to its traditional music, especially to its joropo music.

Each bandola has basically a pear-shaped body with a small difference and the significant difference comes from the way how to string it. The Bandola Llanera has four simple courses of nylon strings, the Oriental four double courses of nylon (sometimes steel) strings and the Central and the Guayanesa four double courses of steel strings.

Some people consider that the latter three with double courses are structurally identical. Besides, there is another type called Bandola Andina which is played in the Venezuelan and Colombian Andes and possesses six double or triple courses of steel strings but here it is not to be discussed.

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