Basic Course for Bandola Llanera

Bandola Master Yasuji D'Gucci teaches you his unique approach to playing the small pear-shape chordophone called Bandola Llanera.
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Previously the studies of the Bandola have been rather traditional where local instructors would guide young learners and the teaching methods were not readily available for everybody. Online Bandola teachers are next to non-existent and there are scarce materials for the instrument. There have been some attempts to provide guidance on certain aspects of the instrument, but there has yet to be a course completely dedicated to the Bandola.

It is with great pleasure to present to you Yasuji D’Gucci, an amazing luthier and musician who has gracefully designed this complete course dedicated to the Bandola Llanera. Within this course, you will hear of the name Anslemo Lopez whose efforts have brought a second life to the Bandola as it was close to being a part of forgotten history. This is an instrument that is fundamental for the lowlands of Venezuela and Colombia and can be considered as the bass of the lowlands. Thanks to the efforts of Anslemo Lopez and now because of the efforts of Yasuji D’Gucci, the Bandola, and its teachings will be available for generations to come and will find itself in the hands of musicians across the globe.

Presenting the World’s First Online Course for the Bandola Llanera

Within this course, you will learn:

  • Different playing techniques for the Bandola Llanera
  • The differences between the kinds of Bandolas available
  • The primary keys and scales used for Bandola playing
  • How to interpret tablatures and play exercises relative to the used keys u0026amp; scales

Important Aspects

We strongly recommend for you to record your progress as you move forward in the world of the Bandola Llanera. It is very important to do so as you will be able to see how you progress as a Bandola player (Bandolista) and what areas you are in need of improvement. We invite you to share your videos on YouTube as well with us and we will be able to provide comments on the recordings. The Bandola community is larger than many expect, and you will also receive a supporting hand from the community.

Convert Your Guitar into a Bandola

If you do not have a Bandola, please do not be concerned. Our first introduction to the Bandola free course demonstrates how you can convert your guitar into a Bandola. This way you can easily play the instrument without even needing a Bandola. Take a close look on how to do so here:

Convert Your Guitar Into a Bandola

Interested in buying a Bandola? Contact us and we will be able to assist you with acquiring an authentic Bandola from Venezuela u0026amp; Colombia.

Find a Bandola Llanera

A very warm welcome to the Bandolistas of the Future!