Expanding Your Technique Toolbox

Time to get into a percussive mood u0026amp;turn on your metronome!

This lesson focuses on some patterns and techniques you can directly use when interpreting a Salsa or Cuban Son. Make sure that you pay close attention to the positioning of your fingers whenever playing or trying to practice this because that will make the key difference. This is both for the playing hand and for the strumming hand, as the ability to mute chords and maintain rhythm is highly important.


Here we are getting into a world where the skill set can come hard but it is of use to all of us and once mastered you will be able to enjoy the instrument without even having to let one open string play. This will be amazing and once you really get into it then you can apply it anywhere! Be certain to be patient and also make sure that you are able to do this in a place where you cannot be disturbed or where you can disturb others…this way you can practice in peace.


A Metronome is very important here, we have incorporated a free metronome in these lesson topics. If you are having trouble with the metronome or would like to have it on another area other than the course then please click here to open the metronome online.

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