E Minor: 2nd & 3rd Positions

Course: Application of Techniques

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Exploring the different positions of the E Minor will enable you to play a variety of songs and follow a very popular progression for the Joropo Pajarillo. We will familiarize you with the different positions of the chords along the fretboard and the video will provide a demonstration not only of the different positions of this chord, but also for that of the I – IV – V progression.

E Minor: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Position

E Minor 1st Position


E Minor 2nd Position

The E Minor in 2nd position we refer to here is the E Minor 6. This is a more commonly used E Minor chord in the 2nd position. There is also the E Minor in 2nd position which follows the patterns we review relating to the figure of D Minor. When playing progressions and switching between chords, making use of the E Minor 6 gives a much more richer sound and it is also easier to maneuver from chord to chord which are the main reasons for us making use of this chord.

E Minor 3rd Position
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