Minor Figures: E

The figure of E Minor is widely used and there are several variations to it along the fretboard. For some reason, we refer to it as the horse figure as it resembles the L shape motion of the horse in the game of chess. This is one way to remember this figure, but feel free to think of your own way of remembering it. Although it will make use of all of your fingers, since the positioning of the figures is rather natural, it is not all too complicated to execute. Let us look at this in more detail as we consider the E Minor in 1st position, G Minor in 2nd position and A Minor in 3rd position.

E Minor 1st Position


If we are considering playing the G Minor chord making use of the E Minor figure, we must first consider the distance between E and G. Take a look at the illustration below to determine the distance between these two notes. By doing so, you will be able to know by how many frets it will necessary to move down the fretboard to execute the G Minor chord.

E Minor Figure

Distance Between E, G & A

E Minor Figure

Now take a look at how this applies when we are illustrating this on the Cuatro.

G Minor 2nd Position

A Minor 3rd Position

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