The Innovation by Anselmo López

Course: Basic Course for Bandola Llanera

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Yasuji D'Gucci

This technique called “segundeo” o “jalao” was invented by a Bandola player from Barinas, Anselmo López (1934-) who also goes by the name of “el Rey de la Bandola” (The King of the Bandolas). Anselmo breathed new life into the Bandola, which was facing the crisis of oblivion and spotlighted it. His playing style has been inherited so far in the name of “la Escuela Anselmera (the Anselmo School)”, considered as a typical traditional style of Bandola playing. The segundeo technique is applied only to the Bandola Llanera and is a very effective means for this type of Bandola with single courses of nylon strings whose sound fades easily as soon as plucked. Concretely speaking, between two notes plucked by the pick gets inserted a note on the lower situated adjacent string using the index finger holding the pick or the middle finger. For example, the following melody played in A or B before Anselmo has come to be played as in C.

Anselmo Lopez

Foto / http://elparroquianoaldiacultura.blogspot.jp/2014/06/con-exito-inicia-gira-del-maestro.html

With & Without Segundeos

sin y con

▲:segundeo by the pick ×:segundeo by the finger

The following video is a documentary film, “La Trampa de la Uña”. This documentary illustrates the importance Anselmo Lopez’s influence has been to the world of the Bandola. A fascinating documentary with many interviews of the loved ones and those who’s lives have been touched by this iconic Bandolista.

“La Trampa de la Uña”

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