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Topics for learning to play the Venezuelan Cuatro and musical techniques related to the instrument.

Hand Position on Bridge

Fig 1 :Cuatro Neck The  left and right hand When we start playing we will be using these names to indicate the finger names.  

D minor Scale on Cuatro

You can perform the D minor scale by placing your fingers in the exact position shown in this figure. Do you want to keep track of your

D major Scale in a Cuatro

D major Scale The D major scale is composed of the following notes: D E F# G A B C# These notes can be used

Parang Aguinaldo

There is a version of Aguinaldo that is currently used on Parang, and this one should be the one you try first when you listen


The Second Parang genre we will learn is Merengue. The Merengue is basically the same as Aguinaldo but it is written as 5/8 strum.  That means there is no