Parang Aguinaldo

Course: Learn to Play Parang with the cuatro

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There is a version of Aguinaldo that is currently used on Parang, and this one should be the one you try first when you listen to a song in 6/8

This Parang version respects the same pattern but it is played in a totally different way.  This Parang Aguinaldo is used in some famous songs like Tucusito Tucusito.

Let’s have a look at the diagram:

The rhythm of Parang Aguinaldo

How to do it with the Cuatro

First, have a look at how does it sound.  The Cuatro player Dominic Thompson will show you a small extract in the following video:

Then take your cuatro and let’s learn this awesome way of playing the cuatro.   Watch this video for instructions:

Now you know all genres that are embedded on the Parang Music.  This knowledge is invaluable as you will be able to identify a genre by just listening to a song, so from now on you come to be part of the few musicians able to dominate the Parang. Congrats!

In the following lessons, we will play some parang progressions and learn a few songs.  Let’s continue!

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