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Topics for learning to play the Venezuelan Cuatro and musical techniques related to the instrument.


The legato technique allows for you to play certain notes, without even having to play them with your right hand or playing hand. The playing


As the name suggests, the Vibrato makes use of vibrations to produce a specific sound. By moving the sting against the metal frets upwards and


Possibly the most difficult of the techniques demonstrated by Abraham Sarache, the tapping technique requires you to make use of the fretboard with both the

Finger Picking by Abraham Sarache

Finger picking is one of the most common techniques used to play stringed instruments, and the Cuatro is no exception. However, there are some interesting


The bending technique is widely used in the world of guitarists. The effect itself gives an extended feeling to the note being played on the

Jeremy – Pearl Jam

The song “Jeremy” by Pearl Jam was written by lead singer Eddy Vedder and is in fact, based on two true unfortunate true stories involving