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Topics for learning to play the Venezuelan Cuatro and musical techniques related to the instrument.

Cryin’ – Aerosmith

The song “Cryin” by famous American band Aerosmith was first released as a single in October 1993. Aside from the amazing lyrics written by Steven

How To Hold The Cuatro

Many courses are focused on how to play the Cuatro or on the musical instrument it is referring to. Sometimes we tend to forget that

Playing Pains

The body is made for many things, unfortunately we do have to maintain certain postures at times which are not received well by our bodies.

The Secret of the Cuatro

What is the secret of the Cuatro. If there is anything which can distinguish this instrument and the style of playing is the importance of

Playing By Ear

Traditionally with clandistine music instruments such as the Cuatro, the knowledge of how to play is passed down from generation to generation. The father teaches

B Major Positioning

The identification of the different notes can be done in different forms. One is referred to as the Cifrado which is more universal. This is

Alternaitve Tuning

On this occasion, Cheo Hurtado explains briefly the possibility to tune the Cuatro in a higher tuning. This was a style which was made possible

The Style of a Soloist

The soloist style of play is one of the most desired methods of most persons who start to learn how to play the instrument. It