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Topics for learning to play the Venezuelan Cuatro and musical techniques related to the instrument.

Percussion Techniques

The importance of the percussion with the Cuatro is unlike any other string instrument. It is a part so important that the fingerboard of the

Unity Between Cuatristas

A simple fact, is that there are not many Cuatristas. There are approximately 200 currently around the world who reach a high level and those

Siembra del Cuatro – A Selection

The event of the Siembra del Cuatro is one where the brightest Cuatristas attend to demonstrate their abilities in front of the great Cuatro players.

Compositions for the Cuatro

We have previously touched upon a particularity of the Cuatro, mainly being the method in which it is historically played. It is something passed down

The Importance of Finger Picking

The Cuatro is more known as an accompaniment instrument. The Chirinos brothers were some of the pioneers when it comes to fingerpicking with the Cuatro

Avoid Using A Capo

With many instruments, musicians make use of a Capo or Capotraste. This is an item with which frets can be marked on a specific position.

Tips – The Singing Finger

The singing finger is what can mostly be referred to as the pinky. The pinky maintains the melody and it will be the decisive finger

Tips – Marking the Fretboard

We may notice that many string instruments come with markings to indicate where certain frets are. These are used as reference points to orientate themselves

Exercises for the Pinky

The pinky is one of the most important fingers when playing the Cuatro. This finger allows you to sing with the instrument and it is

Scales Exercises

Overall, the message wished to be brought across is as follows: The slower you practice and are able to execute the scales, the faster you