Learn a Cuatro technique used by the best Cuatro players

This technique will improve your playing and can be used practically in any song you want.

Let’s keep practicing Cuatro techniques!

In this opportunity we will show you a technique that is widely used by the best Cuatro Players of the world.  This technique is so important that it will change the way you play the cuatro forever.

A Special Cuatro Technique

Everybody knows that little round-shaped toy that used to bring tons and tons of entertainment to kids back then before the internet.  the Yoyo was not only a sensation but a way to train our minds and hands to be able to coordinate a complicated motion.  This motion in principle is the one we will need to do a Cuatro technique that is now as “yoyo technique” .

The yoyo technique is used to create a repique during part of a measure, this repiqueis fairly known among cuatro players and now it is your opportunity to learn it.

In the following video, we will explain you how to do a yoyo step by step.  Please pay attention to every detail and don’t forget to have your Cuatro with you so you can repeat the instructions done.

This technique will help you get better at playing the songs you love.  You can apply it to any song at any point. The yoyo can be applied to basically any measure, and you’ll learn how often to use it by the sound of it.

Try this technique!

There are tons of songs to practice with, you can start applying this technique to any song you want.  For that reason we’re making available to you a song’s library that you can freely navigate.  Check it out!

What’s the next step

To continue improving your technique, we invite you to check out the variety of courses that TuCuatro has made available for students that want to get better at playing the Cuatro.

We suggest you navigate our courses’ list and get to review the one that gets your attention.  If you like it you can enrol and have a teacher work along with you to help you get your playing to a better level.

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