How to Play Maracas Llaneras Online Course

Welcome to this elementary maracas online course! In this course, you will learn how to execute upwards and downward motions with the maracas. You will learn as well how to play the most popular rhythms on the maracas Llaneras. There is a great variety of music genres to be found in the plains between Venezuela […]

Basic Online Course for Cavaquinho

TuCuatro invites you to participate in this instructional online basic course dedicated to the teachings of the Cavaquinho. This course has been recorded with great pleasure in order to allow English speakers to enjoy the learnings of one of the most popular string instruments in Brazil and the world. Presenting TuCuatro’s online course for Cavaquinho […]

Ukulele Basics with Joel Jacques

Joel has developed this course on Ukulele Basics – 101, to cover most of the topics that arise first when somebody decides to start learning the ukulele. The course is a series of videos where Joel explains with detail various aspects of the instrument and techniques to kickstart your learning. This Ukulele Basics course is […]

Basic Course for Bandola Llanera

Bandola Master Yasuji D’Gucci teaches you his unique approach to playing the small pear-shape chordophone called Bandola Llanera.

La Bandola: An Introduction

An introductory Bandola Llanera course by Bandola master Yasuji D’Gucci. A completely free course dedicated to the introduction of the Bandola.

Cuatro Masters: Cheo Hurtado

Hear from grand masters such as Cheo Hurtado providing their insights and experiences relating to the Cuatro. You will hear demonstrations, teachings, tips and a wealth of information relating to the instrument.