Introduction to Advanced Cuatrista Techniques

Level 9: Have a glimpse of how to become and advanced cuatrista. An introduction to advanced techniques.

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Expanding Your Skill Set

Whenever we see a musician playing amazing pieces, doing improvisations that are out of this world and are dominating their instrument like never before, we do wonder how is it that we can get to that level. The answer is a combination of solid theory, skills knowledge advancement, and years of solid practice. Within the different levels that are typically considered, there are different sub-levels relating entirely to the amount of time that a student has been experiencing within that stage. The advice is, be patient and make sure that you practice, continue to explore your instrument on your own, and expand your toolbox of skills.

Within this lesson, we will touch upon some of the advanced techniques used by Cuatristas. Although individually they can be applied by intermediate players, it does take some time to practice each and every one of these individual techniques. If we take some strumming techniques, for example, the execution can be practiced with patience and with dedication. The application of the strumming whilst playing your instrument is a different level altogether. This is so because when we are trying to maintain a rhythm, a special strum or a fingerpicking technique may through us off and as a result jeopardize the whole piece in itself.

Learning Outcomes

The overall learning objectives of this course are for you to familiarize yourself with some of the advanced techniques used by the greats. We also have a section dedicated to the strumming techniques by some of the best and exclusive Cuatristas. This can be considered as an introduction to your exposure to advanced techniques. We will work on expanding your toolbox and preparing you to finalize your intermediate level and begin to enter the realm of the advanced student. Remember, your progression depends on you!