Index Finger Picking

The Cuatro is typically played with other complementary instruments and CUatristas have been able to mimic the sounds of the accompaniment instruments. The frenados can be considered as a the mimicing of the effects of the maracas (a commonly used percussive instrument). In this case we are going to review a technique which can be used to mimic another instrument which complements the Cuatro which is the Bandola Llanera. This instrument uses a pick and can be considered as a base like instrument. In order to mimic the sound of the Bandola, we play the strings between the soundhole and the bridge of the Cuatro. The pick is copied by using the fingernail of the index finger which is then reinforced with the thumb as is demonstrated in the video.

Index Finger Picking

When Cuatristas make use of this technique, they use it within a song as a kind of transition between instruments. Take a look at the video below to familiarize yourself with the Bandola as an instrument and listen to the sound it produces.

Bandola Llanera

Listen to how the Cuatro is playing in the background as an accompaniment instrument to the Bandola. A great marriage between the two!

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