Exploring the Evolution of Cuatro Playing: The Jorge Glem and Pollo Brito Strums

Course: Introduction to Advanced Cuatrista Techniques

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The Cuatro is a traditional Latin American stringed instrument with a rich history that has undergone significant changes over time. This evolution has led to new styles of playing, in which musicians have continually experimented with various techniques and styles, taking the sound of this beloved instrument to new heights.

Two contemporarily popular strumming methods in the Cuatro community are the Jorge Glem and Pollo Brito strums. These innovative techniques have been developed and refined by their respective pioneers, inspiring countless musicians to explore new possibilities with their own playing.


The Jorge Glem strum is named after its creator, an exceptional Venezuelan musician who has mastered various music genres from jazz to folkloric music. He has created his unique style on the Cuatro, emphasizing fluidity and flexibility in the strumming hand. The wide range of motion of this technique emphasizes rhythm and timing, making it highly expressive and dynamic. It’s a beautiful approach that ensures every note sparkles due to its melodic phrasing.


On the other hand, we have the Pollo Brito strum, named after gifted Venezuelan musician Aquiles Báez \”Pollo\” Brito. This method is much more vigorous than the Jorge Glem strum, focusing on precision and control as opposed to fluidity. The rapid rhythmic strumming motion typically used in upbeat musical styles such as merengue or salsa is what characterizes this method. Perfect for creating a percussive edge when performing upbeat pieces due to its intension and control in each stroke.


The development of these two unique styles has had a significant impact on how people perceive cuatro playing worldwide. Younger generations are inspired by these two strumming techniques, and having these styles around has made learning the Cuatro possible for many. As more people continue to appreciate this fabulous instrument globally, it’s clear that new styles of playing will emerge.

For aspiring musicians looking to develop their unique playing style on the Cuatro, consider experimenting with different techniques. It is essential to understand what makes each technique unique to decide which method works for you. Take inspiration from Jorge Glem or Pollo Brito approaches but don’t be afraid to create your style. Be restless and daring because the possibilities are infinite.


The evolution of Cuatro playing techniques goes hand in hand with musical innovation and creativity. The Jorge Glem and Pollo Brito strums represent two extraordinary ways in which musicians can play the cuatro, creating a new and exciting sound that has resonated with many people globally. Aspiring musicians should take advantage of these strumming techniques’ benefits by reviewing resources that advance these playing methods further while offering inspiration for developing original music styles.

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