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Here we will take a closer look at another celebrity strumming technique, this time by Rafael “En Pollo” Brito. This technique requires all of the strings to be strummed 3 times in each movement with the strumming hand. Obeserve the motion and the way that this strumming technique is executed in the video demonstration below.

Pollo Brito Strumming Technique

The three movements which are needed to be conducted with the playing hand are as follows:

  • Index finger downwards
  • Thumb downwards
  • Thumb Upwards

By playing the strings using the pattern described above and at a high velocity as well as continuously, you should be able to obtain a 1, 2, 3 pattern which can be applied to any section of songs you play.

Note: Try and play the strum by having the first string being the one which sustains the majority of the impact

Pollo Brito uses this technique in songs where he is playing with in a minor tone. It is great way to expand your ability and the control that you have over your fingers. All techniques which involve your strumming hand are very important to practice as these help with the dominance of the fingers and parts of your hands with which you play your Cuatro. Ensure that you practice this with your minor key songs and with your favorite progressions.

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