Pulpo Strum

Course: Introduction to Advanced Cuatrista Techniques

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An extremely complicated strum to perfect, the pulpo strum can be applied perfectly to give an amazing effect to any joropo, vals or a rhythm of your choice. Pulpo in Spanish means Octopus, the nature of this strum is the usage of all of the fingers, but notice that only some of them are actually playing.

We start off with an open strum using the pinky, the ring finger and middle finger are muted, then the index finger plays followed by a muted thumb in a downward and then upward motion. Within the video this is very difficult to see, but it is best to practice for yourself on your instrument as only then will you get a true feeling for this strum. Take time in starting it off slow and then accelerate as you start to feel more comfortable with it.


We have seen various strumming techniques, each of which gives its own flavor to your songs or progressions. Make use of the specific strum to give any song or progression of your choice an additional effect. Try not to exaggerate too much with it, applying the strum once per measure or in certain parts to give the piece a boost will be sufficient. Record your video of this execution and upload it to your progression folder.

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