Yo-Yo Strum

Course: Introduction to Advanced Cuatrista Techniques

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In this lesson we will learn an intermediate technique called Yo-Yo, an accented strum that you could apply in any rhythm you want to play. Compared to most other string instruments, the Cuatro has a variety of ways to give different effects to the music played. Here is when we touch upon the percussive effects that we can make. This is not only done by hitting the wood of the instrument, but also using the strings in different ways such as with the frenados. Here we will have a look at the Yo-Yo accented strum.

Yo-Yo Accented Strum

When playing this strum, you can easily exercise it by using different progressions. If you are practicing with the progression I – IV – V for example, then you can play the I – IV normally and finish off with the Yo-Yo accented strum on the V. This is only one variation which can be done as the strum can be used as you wish!

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