Major, Minor, and 7th Chords

Course: Introduction to the Cuatro Basics



Some of the basics when referring to playing any string instrument is to get to know how to play chords. This is fundamental as it is widely recognized that with the chords you are able to jam away at any song you wish. Within the basics, you will learn about all of the Major, Minor and 7th Chords in their first positions. This is with the exception of the sharps which we will get to later on.

There will be some introduction to the sharps since they do form an important part when we get into relative keys and explore groups of chords that sound good with each other. For now, here is a quick demonstration of all of the major, minor, and 7th chords in their first position. This will be a great starting point prior to getting into the details of each and every chord. Some are easy and some are hard, either way, this is to break the ice. Enjoy!

Major, Minor and 7th Chords

Take a close look at the chords played in the previous video, they will serve as a great reference point and prepare you for when you are going to play these chords in the near future. Not to worry, all of the chords will be reviewed individually as you progress and as we help you build up your chord toolbox. Once again, to take a closer look at the chords, take a look at our chord overview located in the library here: Chord Library

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