Practicing Methods

Course: Introduction to the Cuatro Basics



Practicing is key for any musician and we all need to dedicate quite a lot of time to this in order to obtain the best results. In fact, we have conducted some research among our students and 30 minutes of practice per day obtains the greatest results. One of the most complicated aspects to practice are the rhythms as there can be a lot of room for error here. In this case, what we recommend is to make use of muted practicing which will be explained in the following video:

Muted Practicing

Practicing using this method will help tremendously and we are certain that it will solve quite a lot of noise issues at home. There are also students who are making use of silent cuatros which are electric cuatros designed to sound like acoustic ones and take advantage of them to the fullest as they plug in their headphones and jam away without bothering anybody. For those who do not have this luxury as of yet, the muted practice is ideal.

Make sure you practice!

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