Sombra en los Medanos

The song “Sombra en los Medanos” is an iconic piece composed by Rafael Sanchez Lopez. The song is played with the rhythm of Vals and is a fairly simple piece to play using the D Major key. Within the song itself, we also pass through the relative minor of D Major which is something typical as they compliment each other. More relating to relative minors can be reviewed in future courses as this is something fundamental to be aware of whilst playing songs in any key.

The rhythm in which this song is played is the rhythm of Vals.

Rhythm of Vals Pasaje

Vals Pasaje

There are some techniques which are used within this video which require some additional skills such as the mastering of the frenados for example, which are accents used providing a percussive effect to the Cuatro. If you are unfamiliar with these techniques, we would recommend for you to review courses such as the Exploring u0026amp; Applying Stumming where we look into such skill sets in more detail.

For the moment, take a look at the video demonstrating (with integrated chords) how to play the song and enjoy!

Sombra En Los Medanos – Demonstration

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