D Major: 1st Position

Course: Introduction to the Cuatro Basics



The D Major chord is among the easiest chords to play with the Cuatro. This is because you only need to mark one string! The chord of D Major consists of the follow notes:

  1. A – first sting
  2. D – second string
  3. F# – third string
  4. D – fourth string

D Major Explanation

The only string which needs to be marked is the 4th string on the 3rd fret. The chord is typically marked with the index finger on your marking hand. This permits you to include some additional variations of the chord whilst you are playing.

Take a closer look at how this chord is marked within the video. One thing is for sure, although very simple, this could very well be one of the most important of chords as many songs are played in the key of D Major. For beginners this is a great starting point as we will explore the possibilities of the D Major chord as well as it’s relatives.

D Major Chord

We will be sure to cover all of the possibilities and variations of the D Major chord in lessons to come as well as review it in numerous positions on the instrument.

First Position:

D Major Chord Explanation

Video Transcript

“The D chord includes the triad of chords D, F# and A. These notes are played with the first 3 open strings. The 4th string is lower and in order to play the D note we will need to mark the third fret on the 4th string.”

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