Beginner lessons for the Cuatro

Course: Introduction to the Cuatro Basics

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So….lets get started with the Cuatro!

We’ll take you through everything you need to know to be successful at this course, learn about the cuatro and ultimately playing the Cuatro. The beginner lessons for the Cuatro Course serves as the basis for future courses and learning. You will learn how to properly tune your instrument, and have it ready to be used whenever you are playing a song.

It is important to know how to interpret some information, read tabs and what to expect when going through other courses, so make sure you pay close attention. 

Beginner lessons for the cuatro Outcomes

  • How to interpret and learn with TuCuatro (nothing all too complicated)
  • Know how to tune your Cuatro (Cambur Pinton)
  • Learn about the different parts of the Cuatro
  • Be aware of you to mark the chords to make them sound properly

 Do you have a Cuatro?

Are you just starting to play?

Then you are a Cuatrista!

The learning process can be long sometimes, especially if it is your first time dealing with an instrument like this. So try to take your time to learn everything you can about the Cuatro before I get any more detailed Stroman techniques.

Tips for the beginner lessons for the Cuatro Course

As we said earlier we recommend you taking your time to go through the lessons. There’s also a few other tips that we want you to know when starting to learn about the Cuatro.

First be sure to have an instrument of a decent quality, you don’t want to be dealing with an instrument that doesn’t tune properly because as a beginner you’re going to be wondering if the problem is that you don’t know how to tune or is the instrument itself.

So be sure to have something that has had decent level of quality. If you’re not sure about your instrument feel free to ask us, send us a video of the instrument so we can check the quality and come back to you with our impressions.

You can also get somebody in your community or neighbourhood to check the instrument. He doesn’t have to be a Cuatro player, because any guitar player or ukulele player will be able to check if the instrument is built with the sufficient quality to tune properly.

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