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Bandola Musical instrument lessons available at TuCuatro, learn how to play this amazing instrument.

Exercise Pieces

In this section we will combine the previously demonstrated techniques and theory into practice. With a series of exercises you will be able to practice

Segundeo Technique

In this lesson we will review an iconic moment in the history of the Bandola Llanera being nothing more than a simple technique. It is

Instrument and Posture

So let us get started with our Bandola learning. Just as with any other string instrument, there are certain aspects which are very important prior

Recommendation of Metronome Use

The Bandola study is fundamentally based on the rhythm of joropo, which is often quite fast. In order to acquire a stable technique maintaining any

Tablatures for the Bandola

As this course will frequently refer to and depend on tablatures, I explain how to read them. The duration of each note is known by

Masters of the 4 Bandolas

From among countless Bandola masters I introduce here only one master for each Bandola with a short comment concerning his Bandola playing. Bandola Llanera: Ismael

Parts of the Bandola

If we are already familiar with other string instruments, we will find some very similar parts of those very instruments here within the illustration and