Exercise Pieces

In this section we will combine the previously demonstrated techniques and theory into practice. With a series of exercises you will be able to practice the techniques and start to play your Bandola like a pro! There are some tips we would like to give you as you approach being a great Bandolista: Practice with […]

Segundeo Technique

In this lesson we will review an iconic moment in the history of the Bandola Llanera being nothing more than a simple technique. It is breathtaking what one single technique and one person can mean to the world of a musical instrument. The technique developed and mastered by Anselmo Lopez known as the segundeo has […]

Basic Techniques for the Left Hand

Focusing on the Left Hand We have reviewed the fundamentals of the right hand or the playing hand as it can also be referred to. Now we will begin to focus on the left hand which can also be referred to as the marking hand. This is referring to the hand that we make use […]

Basic Techniques for the Right Hand

The Right Hand or the Playing Hand? When we refer to techniques for the Right Hand, what we really mean to say is the playing hand. This is a term which is commonly used as many artists are right handed, but we will try to refer to certain aspects as for the playing hand. If […]

Instrument and Posture

So let us get started with our Bandola learning. Just as with any other string instrument, there are certain aspects which are very important prior to playing the instrument. Within this lesson, you will learn about the different features of the Bandola Llanera. We will also take you through some important steps to consider when […]

Converting Your Classical Guitar to the Bandola

Bandolas are instruments which are not widely available outside of the regions of it’s origin being in Venezuela and in Colombia. This is something which is recognized as being highly important for the familiarization and expansion of the playing methods of this instrument on a global scale. It is for this reason why we offer […]

Recommendation of Metronome Use

The Bandola study is fundamentally based on the rhythm of joropo, which is often quite fast. In order to acquire a stable technique maintaining any velocity, it is highly recommendable to make the most of metronomes. In the joropos, whether “tres” (joropos in 3/4) or “seis” (joropos in 6/8), the bass is played based on […]

Tablatures for the Bandola

As this course will frequently refer to and depend on tablatures, I explain how to read them. The duration of each note is known by its stem and flag just as in staff notation. The four horizontal lines indicate from above the 1st string to 4th and the numerals connected with the stems are fret […]

Masters of the 4 Bandolas

From among countless Bandola masters I introduce here only one master for each Bandola with a short comment concerning his Bandola playing. Bandola Llanera: Ismael Querales Apart from being an excellent bandola player, starting with the leader of “Un Solo Pueblo”, Ismael is a percussionist, singer and composer. He is one of the most important […]

Parts of the Bandola

If we are already familiar with other string instruments, we will find some very similar parts of those very instruments here within the illustration and description of the Bandola. The main distinctive feature of the instrument is the pear shape and the number of frets which is quite small in comparison to other instruments. Here […]