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Course: Basic Course for Bandola Llanera

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Yasuji D'Gucci

So let us get started with our Bandola learning.

Just as with any other string instrument, there are certain aspects which are very important prior to playing the instrument. Within this lesson, you will learn about the different features of the Bandola Llanera. We will also take you through some important steps to consider when beginning to learn such as the basic tuning (fundamental with any instrument) and what are the different postures you can make use of when playing.

We will also give you some important points about what kind of strings you can make use of for your instrument. Knowing that the Bandola Llanera is not an instrument you can acquire at any music store, we will make sure that this limitation will not keep you from learning how to play this incredible instrument. We have already seen how to convert our acoustic guitars into Bandolas and with this technique you will be able to follow course without any problem. Similarly, it you happen to have a Bandola but are unable to find strings for the instrument, then with this lesson you will learn what kind of stings you can make use of instead of Bandola strings.

Let’s get started and learn some more about our beloved Bandola Llanera!

PS: If you do not have a Bandola but are interested in acquiring one, TuCuatro offers the possibility of having them dispatched directly from Venezuela.

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