Basic Techniques for the Right Hand

Course: Basic Course for Bandola Llanera

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Yasuji D'Gucci

The Right Hand or the Playing Hand?

When we refer to techniques for the Right Hand, what we really mean to say is the playing hand. This is a term which is commonly used as many artists are right handed, but we will try to refer to certain aspects as for the playing hand. If you already play another string instrument similar to the Bandola, then many techniques should be transferable. Especially if you are used to applying a pick when playing, considering that we make use of picks when interpreting the Bandola. There are a wide range of techniques, and we will illustrate them all to you.

Remember, it is very important to practice the techniques applied for the Bandola. You can practice them with muted strings or simply by having the strings open. The most important thing is for you to master these techniques as these are the fundamentals for playing the Bandola.

How about getting started? Well……..here we go!

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