Exercise Pieces

Course: Basic Course for Bandola Llanera

Yasuji D'Gucci

Yasuji D'Gucci

In this section we will combine the previously demonstrated techniques and theory into practice. With a series of exercises you will be able to practice the techniques and start to play your Bandola like a pro! There are some tips we would like to give you as you approach being a great Bandolista:

  • Practice with patience: do not get discouraged if the pieces do not come out as with instructor Yasuji D’Gucci, this will come with practice and dedication
  • Dedicate time to each exercise: our reviews have shown that the best results come from students who have practiced for at least 30 mins per day u0026amp; who practice a piece at a time
  • One piece at a time: try not to hurry with the exercises, first master one prior to moving forward with the rest.
  • Enjoy yourself!: music is a pleasure to be a part of, make sure you enjoy your learning and enjoy your Bandola!

Time to Practice!

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