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CavaquinhoMusical instrument lessons available at TuCuatro, learn how to play this exotic instrument.

Song – Standard Am

In this lesson, we’ll provide a simple cavaquinho song that you can use to practice your strumming, chord changes, and muting techniques. The song is

Muting Strings – Cavaquinho Technique

Muting strings on the cavaquinho is an advanced technique that allows players to add percussive elements to their playing. This technique involves using your fretting

Cavaquinho Speed Exercises

Double the speed EXERCISE #5 As you continue to develop your cavaquinho playing skills, you’ll want to focus on increasing your speed and control. This

Cavaquinho Upward Picking & Strumming

Upward picking is another essential technique for playing the cavaquinho. This technique involves using a picking motion with your fingers or a pick to pluck