Song – Standard Am

Course: Basic Online Course for Cavaquinho

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In this lesson, we’ll provide a simple cavaquinho song that you can use to practice your strumming, chord changes, and muting techniques. The song is played in the key of A minor and uses only five chords. This makes it easy to learn and play and allows you to focus on developing your skills without getting overwhelmed by too many chords.

As you play this song, remember to focus on maintaining a steady tempo. Let’s get started!

This song consists of the following chord progression:

Dm / E7 / Am / Am

Dm / G7 / C / C

Dm / E7 / Am Am 

Dm / E7 / Am 

As you listen to the example, pay attention to the different strumming patterns and techniques used, and try to incorporate them into your own playing

We hope these techniques will open the doors for you to start playing songs with your Cavaco. Be sure to practice and rehearse as often as possible. 

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