Cavaquinho Downward Picking and Strumming

Course: Basic Online Course for Cavaquinho

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One of the most important techniques for playing the cavaquinho is downward picking and strumming, which allows players to create a variety of sounds and rhythms. In this lesson, we’ll explain the basics of downward picking and strumming, and show you how to use this technique to play simple songs on the cavaquinho. With practice, you’ll be able to master this essential skill and take your cavaquinho playing to the next level.

The downward picking and strumming technique will be the most used technique you ever learn. With it you’ll be ready to play simple songs. 

First, be sure to grab the pick in a way you can push it down the strings. The first step is picking each string individually, then try to imitate the video and strum all the way down.

Let’s practice it at 80bpm so you can get used to the downward movement.

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