Muting Strings – Cavaquinho Technique

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Muting strings on the cavaquinho is an advanced technique that allows players to add percussive elements to their playing. This technique involves using your fretting hand to dampen the strings, creating a muted or deadened sound. In this lesson, we’ll explain the basics of muting strings on the cavaquinho and show you how to incorporate this technique into your playing.

Let’s practice a few patterns with this technique so you can learn how to implement it.

Now let’s apply this technique to the chords pattern Am – Dm – E7. You will notice that the left hand separates itself briefly from the fretboard when pressing a chord, thus creating a muting effect that enhances the percussive elements.

Muting strings on the cavaquinho can be helpful in a variety of musical purposes. For example, it can add a percussive element to your playing, adding interest and variety to a song. It can also be used to create a staccato effect, where notes are short and sharply articulated.

Additionally, muting strings can help create dynamic contrast in a song by allowing you to switch between muted and unmuted sounds easily. The muting technique is a versatile tool that can add depth and expression to your cavaquinho playing.

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