Basic Rhythm Pattern

Until now we’ve only practiced the downward and upward strumming, but to be able to play a song, we’ll need to create a proper rhythm with these strums.

Let’s learn a basic rhythm pattern for Cavaco. This pattern will be easy enough for you to capture the idea behind the complicated Brazilian rhythms. We will only require to strum a few times upwards at the beginning:

Down / Down / Down / Up-Down /Down /Down / Up-Down

Now we will get into the good stuff.  We will do the same pattern but a double the speed. 

You’ll notice that is really hard to get your mind around it at the beginning, doubling the speed while maintaining the tempo could be hard, but practice it a few times until you get it right.

An advance variation of this rhythm is as follow:

Down / Down / Down / Up-Down /Down /Down / Up-Down-Up

Just add a final Up to the stream and you’ll get a nice effect that you can use when playing a song. Just listen to it at the video below:

Once you master these skills we will add a technique on top of it that will enhance the way the rhythm is played.

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