The Cavaquinho, a String Instrument from Brazil

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So let us get started with learning about the Cavaquinho, a string musical instrument from Brazil, part of the guitar family, consisting of four metal or wire strings.

The Cavaquinho is used in Brazilian folkloric music. It resembles a guitar but with only four strings and it is normally used to play Samba and Choro in Samba ensembles.

It is important to note that the Cavaquinho can be also found in Portugal. But it is the Brazilian Cavaquinho the one that we’re to use in these lessons. The only difference is the size, being a bit bigger than the Portuguese counterpart.

Just as with any other string instrument, there are certain aspects that are very important prior to play the instrument. Within this lesson, you will learn about the different features of the Cavaquinho.

We will also take you through some important steps to consider when beginning to learn. For example, the basic tuning (fundamental with any instrument) and how to pick up and down.

We will also give you some important points about what kind of strings you can make use of for your instrument. Knowing that the Cavaquinho is not an instrument you can acquire at every music store, we will make sure that this limitation will not keep you from learning how to play this incredible instrument.

For that reason, we want to make available our Cavaquinho store if you need to shop for a Cavaquinho or accessories

Let’s get started with this beautiful string instrument: The Cavaquinho!

In the following topics you’ll learn more about the Cavaquinho, a string instrument that uses wire strings; which type of strings are ideal to use and how you can tune your own cavaquinho if you already got one.

Feel free to also visit Youtube at any time to search for cavaquinho videos. This will certainly inspire you while you go through our lessons. Here’s an example of a short video found in Youtube of great cavaquinho player: Mauro Diniz

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