The Cavaquinho, a String Instrument from Brazil

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If you’re interested in learning about different types of string instruments, the cavaquinho is a perfect choice to start exploring. It’s a small instrument from Brazil that’s part of the guitar family and consists of four metal or wire strings.

A Look at the Cavaquinho

While it resembles a guitar, with only four strings, it’s commonly used in Samba and Choro music played by Brazilian ensembles. Although similar versions exist in Portugal, this lesson will focus on the Brazilian cavaquinho, which is slightly larger than its European counterpart.

Before playing any string instrument, it’s important to learn about its unique features. In this lesson, you’ll discover what sets the cavaquinho apart from other instruments within the guitar family. You’ll also get an introduction to fundamental steps for beginners such as basic tuning and picking techniques.

Selecting the Ideal Strings

String selection is crucial for achieving optimal sound quality when playing an instrument. Since finding cavaquinho-specific strings can be hard elsewhere; we have provided comprehensive guidance on the best types of metals or wire strings to use while considering affordability.

Finally, if you’re still searching for your first personal cavaquinho or looking for accessories like picks and straps, our online store has everything you need. Plus! keep adding good sources like watching seasoned players perform on YouTube to inspire your practice sessions.

Let’s get started with this beautiful string instrument: The Cavaquinho!

In the following topics, you’ll learn more about the Cavaquinho, a string instrument that uses wire strings; which type of strings are ideal to use, and how you can tune your own cavaquinho if you already got one.

Feel free also to visit Youtube at any time to search for cavaquinho videos. This will certainly inspire you while you go through our lessons. Here’s an example of a short video found on Youtube of a great cavaquinho player: Mauro Diniz

Now that you know more about what makes up a cavaquinho and how to refine your playability skills, all that remains is to purchase this wonderful instrument plus accessories and start practicing incredible Brazilian compositions!

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