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Course: Cuatro Masters: Cheo Hurtado

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In conclusion to the seminar by Cheo Hurtado, he speaks of unity, selection and compositions. These are important elements when we are considering the future of the instrument itself. More and more, there are fewer Cuatristas who are reaching higher levels. There are numerous reasons for this, some have to do with the dynamics of today’s youth, and others have to do with the interest in other music instruments. Worldwide, the main issue is the distribution of the instruments as they are not so easily accessible.

The matters indicated by Cheo Hurtado are also of interest to us here at TuCuatro and we provide options to all persons who are interested in learning more about the instrument and become more part of the network of Cuatristas. It is almost guaranteed, if you play this magnificent instrument in front of others, if you play it to others….they will definitely ask you what kind of instrument you are playing. At that point you can proudly say that you are a Cuatrista.

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