Strumming Review

Course: Palm mute strum or Frenado for the Cuatro

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Let’s conclude the course!

Welcome to the final part of this course! It is good to know you came this long and that you’re ready to finalize the strumming course.

In this lesson, we will review your knowledge and get sure every strum is done correctly. We will be reviewing:

  • Frenado Down
  • Frenado Up
  • Double Frenado
  • G major and E minor progressions

We’re going to evaluate all of this by listening to your cuatro.  To be able to complete this lesson you will need to create two recordings:

  • Aguinaldo Rhythm
  • Merengue Rhythm

Aguinaldo Rhythm

The first file you’re going to record has to show that you can do the Aguinaldo in a measure of 6 strums, leaving a space at the end as shown in this figure:

Aguinaldo Strum
Aguinaldo Strum

Merengue Rhythm

The second audio file will show that you can do the merengue, which is exactly the same as an Aguinaldo but in a measure of 5.  This means you will not leave space at the end of the measure.

Merengue Strum
Merengue Strum

 Are you ready?

Get your cuatro and record your interpretation of these two rhythms! When you’re ready, feel free to upload them to Youtube and share the links with us, so we can see how you’re playing the Strumming!

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