Advanced Periquera

Course: Mosaic of Rhythms



You may have already had the liberty to review the Periquera sub-genre in another lesson whereby we explain the relationship between Periquera and Joropo as well as exploring some of the basic progressions relating to it. Within this lesson, we will take you even deeper in the world of the Periquera, as we will dive into the more complicated versions of the progression. All of the progressions you will review relating to this Periquera will be played in the key of D Major and we will take you through the different positions along the fretboard of the Cuatro. After having explored the three different positions of the Periquera, we will take you through some more advanced chords which will culminate the lesson.

Once you have been able to master all of the combinations of chords in different positions, then you will be able to make use of them in an interchangeable way. In other words, potentially play different positions of the same chord within the same measure. Here is when it really starts to get interesting and they are some of the first steps towards entering the realm of the Soloist Cuatrista.

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