The Pick and How to Hold it

Course: Basic Course for Bandola Llanera

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As for picks, common triquetrous ones for guitars in popular music can be used for Bandolas. The middle sizes are favorable for playing the instrument. Most of such picks are made of plastic, but nylon picks are recommendable because they never chip and result in noise free contacts. Though a Bandola’s performance gives a powerful image, the pick itself does not have to be so thick. This is because only a small part of the pick sticks out from the fingers and you can get enough power even with softer picks. In contrast, by using a pick which is too hard, you could not surpass the resistance of strings and this would result in it getting stuck.

Picks made from plastic (left) and nylon (right)


The way for holding a pick is quite free, but it is important to hold it in such a way as facilitates “segundeo” technique, mentioned later in Lesson 4. The pick tip should not stick out too much. The rest of the fingers are to be bent inward lightly. Grip the pick tightly only in moments when you are plucking the string and this is then to be followed by relaxing the hand immediately after plucking. If you feel tired on your hand during performance, it means you are using excessive force.

How To Hold The Pick #1-3


Avoid Holding It Like This


Have you found your favorite pick you wish to make use of for your Bandola playing?

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