Avoid Using A Capo

With many instruments, musicians make use of a Capo or Capotraste. This is an item with which frets can be marked on a specific position. The result of which is that the key in which you play is transported to that of another.

Capotraste on a Guitar
Capotraste on a Guitar

This is a technique which is useful to know, but the Cuatro is not played with a Capo. It is possible for beginners to make use of it if you definitely want to play in a certain key without any variation, however the Cuatro makes use of all positions along the fretboard and the usage of a Capo is therefore not recommendable.

Avoid Using a Capo

It is therefore recommendable to increase the agility in your fingers, practice a considerable amount and be able to use the bar with your index finger along with the liberation of your bottom three fingers being the middle, ring and pinky.

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