Unity Between Cuatristas

Course: Cuatro Masters: Cheo Hurtado

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A simple fact, is that there are not many Cuatristas. There are approximately 200 currently around the world who reach a high level and those are mostly in Colombia, Venezuela and Trinidad. As there are not so many, then the network itself is also small. Many of them begin to exchange ideas between themselves and although it is small, a tremendous amount of progression is achieved.

Unification of Cuatristas

The next generation of Cuatristas are developing themselves using interpretations they hear on the radio, learn from each other and through portals such as TuCuatro. We can proudly say that the amount of cuatro players has increased significantly. The next step is to ensure that the amount of Cuatristas increase which we are certain is taking place at this very moment in the next generation of cuatro players…..such as yourself!

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