Shipping with TuCuatro


Product & Packaging Quality

Tucuatro guarantees the quality of products offered online. Our teachers and professional players personally review each instrument to guarantee the sound and look of each instrument.

TuCuatro guarantees the instrument will be ship in a box that protects it during the shipment process and will be responsible for any damage during the shipment. TuCuatro will decide on the packaging options and shipment company to use.

General Shipping Information

All Shipping costs should be at every moment assumed by the Client. When the shipping costs have been received at full, TuCuatro will then proceed to send the package to the client’s address and provide a tracking number to the client

Insurance & Tracking

Each package is sent with insurance in case a package gets lost or damaged. In case a package is lost, TuCuatro will either refund the money or send a new replacement with identical products to the client.

Once the package has been sent, is the sole responsibility of the client to track the package to its destination and be sure all duty fees are paid when the package arrives to his country. Any additional fee that is charged to the package at the time of delivery should be paid by the recipient of the package. If the customer refuses to pay duty fees and the shipping company proceeds to return the package to TuCuatro, all return costs will be billed in a separate bill to the client, and the client would be required to pay returning fees, plus the cost of a second shipment to obtain the package again.